Maximizing the Tax Benefits of Your Small Business/Side Hustle

Khadija started by dispelling some common misconceptions about business taxes. She first flagged that, contrary to popular belief, you must file business and personal taxes together as part of one overall tax return. Here is a list of other things to remember when filing your taxes. 

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Reggie Van Lee

I have navigated my career and philanthropy with the belief that for whom much is given, much is expected, especially when it comes to knowledge sharing in the Black community. I was an early member of Onyx community because I experienced our Sunday Sessions as a place where I could share, while learning from others who are equally committed to building wealth in the Black community. Onyx embodies the true meaning of “We are stronger together.”

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Kamille Stewart

As a first-generation Jamaican-American, I have been deeply impacted by financial ignorance and other barriers to intergenerational wealth. One of my clearest memories around finances was my mother filing for bankruptcy because she was not taught the foreign concept of credit. Many friends and family took advantage by accruing thousands of dollars of debt in her name. Through pro bono projects like the CLARO Consumer Debt Clinic, I have been able to help persons climb out of debt. However, through Onyx, my goal is to increase financial literacy providing our community with the tools to avert debt and build/retain wealth.

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Lawrence Bass

I enjoy being a part of the Onyx Black Wealth Collective because it provides an empowering community that fosters my financial growth and offers valuable resources for my personal development. Moreover, the collective's dedication to promoting economic equity and uplifting Black voices gives me a sense of purpose and solidarity among fellow members.

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Kevin Ozenne

I believe that the racial wealth gap is real and quantifiable. I want to partner with individuals who have a similar world view and “affect” change. That change starts by forming a community and doing the work so that we continuing to forge new pathways for black families.

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